Beware !!

You can easily get attracted and addicted to me!!



Raina Kapoor

​Born on June 7, New Delhi

Residence: Delhi, India

Nationality: Indian

Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi & Language of love

Am Aware that I am Rare..

I am born with a wild soul. A spiritual seeker.

A happy and blessed child of god. Its very easy to make me smile. Live a gypsy life and wanderer by nature.

I live a happy and colorful life, perfect blend of traditional & modern values. Highly focussed, creative, a Make-shifter at all times. Respect views of everyone & learn from all.  Have my own RuLes N theories in life and I religiously stick to them.

Very emotional person who likes to listen the voice of heart more than the voice of mind. Have a different style of living life. I live in my own world, near my god.

Full of Life
A Head Turner  😉



Delhi based Indian entrepreneur, founder of an event management & wedding planning company by the name of Cosmic Lights Entertainment. Having head quarters in New Delhi, India. Stepped into events at the age of 19 years. Having done events world wide in most exotic destinations, have got an immense experience and skill set to lead the people from various cultures across the globe as a team with the vision of achieving goals, growth and sustainability.

Occupation: Founder, Cosmic Lights Entertainment- present ( Events, weddings, celebrity manager)

Organization: Cosmic Lights Entertainment

Director Consultant, BNI Delhi South ( July 2018- present)

Director Support: BNI Delhi South  ( 2017 – July 2018)

President: BNI Empezar, Delhi South ( 2016-17)


Education / Skill set 

Lead Auditor ( Quality Management System Auditor)

Bachelors in Information Technology & Multimedia (BSC IT)

Science ( Non medical )


Public speaking


Early Life

When was in preschool, i use to win just fancy dress competition, as i grew up, i started to  fancy about styling and fashion.  Post school, was Ms Fresher and won many beauty pageants and now also love to pose in front of the camera or on stage. 

Studied from St Marks School, New Delhi. I Have always been a favorite of school teachers and friends since forever.

Was always ahead in academics and sports, won many table tennis matches in zonal;  acting, singing and dance performances with my pals on the stage ( ballet and skit);  learnt self defense; was topper in many quiz competitions, was school prefect and also won many medals, as an athlete.  

My teachers have always stood by me for guidance and they by the way, they still do it. I still have my friends since pre school and we love sharing our lives with each other. I consider myself lucky that i have been blessed with all the love by everyone around me till now.


Blessed with a lovely family. Pets are important part of the family as the entire family is a pet loving family. We help  and love thy speechless.


Favorite Quotes

Believe in : Truth,  Love and Compassion.

Love is always unconditional.. and as they say that everything is fair in love n war, so cross every limit u can n do everything u can for your loved ones;  whatever your heart says, because there is always ONE Life.

Don’t have any regrets in life EVER.

One thing i learnt from Life~~ Problems comes jus to make you strong!

Believes in simplicity.

Strongly practices manifestation.


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