10 Reasons Why you should Rescue and Adopt Stray / Street dog than buying a pedigree dog.


I must tell you that we had over a dozen of pet dogs, yes, and its not any business, we just love them all and they are a family and not dogs for us. Despite i love my all kids, still noticed and would recommend Indian stray dogs over pedigree dogs. After rescuing and adopting my first rescued pup, i can write so many reasons on why rescuing and adopting is much more better than purchasing a pedigree dog but here are the top 10 reasons why i prefer rescuing and adoption over purchasing.

First of all if you should know pedigree dogs are the ones whose record of descendants are maintained, showing it to be pure-bred. And I am sure you would know what is Indian street or stray dog, those dogs who do not have shelter, food and are on the roads on mercy of all; to get killed by moving cars, winter rains or scorching sun, by other animals or by inhuman and cruel people.

10 Reasons Why you should Rescue and adopt stray or street dogs than buying a pedigree dog.

1 Honoring life by mother nature to the one already existing and not bred specially for selling or for profits making purposes. Life is not supposed to be sold. Remember best things in life cannot be bought.

2 Be human: Saving a life of someone homeless is much more better deed  and will make me a better person internally than buying and showing off my high priced pet as a showpiece for my social media. Stray dogs can look equally beautiful if taken care of them and fed properly.

3 Street dogs have a lesser tantrums than the pedigree dogs. Unlike pedigree dogs like St Bernard’s they can adapt themselves in Indian environment and are less troublesome than pedigree dogs. They will eat anything you would want them and train them to eat, they can stay without 24 hours Air conditioner on.

4 Street dogs are street smart, yes they really are faster in grasping, learning  and much more intelligent than any other pedigree dogs. Stray dogs can also be easily trained by yourself than going in for professional trainers, their IQ is higher i noticed from other bred dogs. Female dogs are much smarter than males generally.

My queen

5 They are much more expressive and literally thankful to you than any other pedigree dogs. I try and converse with all of my kids but my street smart dogs are really much understanding as well as expressive than all the other ones. And by the way we adopted from various streets, just to share this with you.

6 Stray dogs do not fall sick much as compared to foreign breed dogs because they are born in the environment in which their physical body can adapt easily with the climate and food. They are healthier than other dogs internally.

7 Stray dogs are much more possessive for you than a pedigree dog. They owe their life to you as they come from deprived background, so as a gratitude they are always thankful towards you for being a savior for them, in return they are much more possessive for you than any other bought of priced possessions. My pup really acts like mother when someone tries to come neat me, she will even fight with my mom at times if she tries to wake me up.


8 Being born on the same motherland, they deserve the first right for a home rather than making way of a foreigner in your home. Specially a female dog adopts you instead of you adopting her, you will realize this only when you get her home.

9 Stop abuse : If you can become a reason of stopping abuse towards these adorable creatures by inhuman and frustrated beings, what better it could be by adopting them and protecting them from cruelty and be responsible. Your family and friends will respect you more than anyone if they know that you can afford anything but you stood with the right cause.

10 Stray dogs are nowhere lesser than the foreign bred or English Dogs. In fact they are in all ways better than the English ones. Rescuing a dog with a broken bone or broken heart can make his or her life and most importantly yours most beautiful than you ever imagined. By the way,  i was scared to adopt a female pup initially but i realized that female dogs are better in nature than males in general and make home a family just like girls do and they really own the house and you too as they grow up.


she kept her name herself

And always remember that a dog do not bite you ever, its always the treatment that you do with them.  They are not different from humans in any way except the body type and just that they cannot speak or know sign language.

If you wish to share your experiences, feel free to comment below.



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