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Why Run If you Can FLY!!

I use to have a fear of height. I realized one day when i was at the Petronas Towers ( Malaysia) in 2005,  looking down, i felt like i will fall from the see through 88 th floor.  I also use to have dreams as if i was falling into the dark tunnel and use to get scared to the core.

Then I noticed in the adventure challenging series at the television that to overcome your fear, one needs to face it. So i decided to Sky dive , try it out to and get rid of my fear and guess what!!

It was my birthday coming up in June 2012, and i decided to visit Mauritius that year. I immediately planned and took a flight at the same night with my family and friends. The day 1  i.e on 9 June, 2012; when i reached skydive austral at Mauritius, they refused to make me fly cos i was underweight and the air current was high, it was a heart breaking moment for me. They said if i was 70 Kgs they will make me fly else its dangerous.  My mother was swearing on her life to convince me not to fly.


I managed to get a time again the coming Monday i e on 11 June, 2012; when i had a flight back, I ran with my brother to Austral Skydive again and i was lucky that day, they finally allowed me to fly and i was super happy. I cannot express in words how i felt like, you should watch the video and leave your comments below if you life it. When i landed back, i could not stop dancing, what a feeling was that, even now when i remember those moments, i fall in love with life all over again. So now i never miss any chance from flying high.

They were right in saying, face your fears to get rid of them.

And now i feel, why RUN when YOU CAN FLY!!


Will write about my more flying sessions in next fly series soon.


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  1. I think you are awesome! You squared off against your biggest fear and jumped (literally) in it’s face! That’s sexy cool! Oh yeah, loved your soundtrack. “Disturbed and System of a Down” are 2 of my favorite groups. – Fan of yours-JLS

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