Top 5 reasons to go Vegan

What goes around, comes around

Humans have exploited animals and mother nature in the most inhuman way. I strongly believe what goes around comes around. If we give pain and suffering to animals and living being around us, how can we remain at peace ?   Think what u want to feed your children : Milk or tears?  How can we eat someones dead body over the vegetables and greens. How being the reason of someones killing and someone’s tears will give us internal peace? There are so much better alternate diet plans, why not try those delicious treats and save yourself from all the pain.

Love the life and living beings around you, you will realize how beautiful you can feel by at least start making a difference.

There are many reasons to go Vegan, some of them are as below.


1 Save the planet

I love the life in most of the forms.  Mother nature has given us so much already to survive on and unfortunately we have exploited the nature so much that we are now deprived of the natural resources. The urge to eat in a way that avoids excessive use of environmental resources is the best way to eat and to make sure that there is balance attained. Its a high time we go back to nature for betterment of ourself and our future generations.


                                               “Dear Animals, I am SORRY it took me so Long “

Artificial insemination involves invasive, nonconsensual rectal and vaginal penetration. No matter what species you are its still called a rape.

2 Animal love 

I have been born and brought up in a Hindu-Punjabi family. Since i use to be a child, i was always fed with non vegetarian food. Honestly, i became addicted to it by the time i grew up. There was a time when I only used to eat non vegetarian and did not even knew what to order in vegetarian if i had to order food some day when we use to eat out, until one day

How can giving tears give you smile? You want to feed milk or tears to your kids?

Imagine someone slaughtering your loved one for their food or peeling their skin for their show off  purse.

Its hear breaking to see the kind of cruelty and torture being done on animals for leisure of our taste-buds and lifestyle. They are the also living beings like us, they also have feelings, in face i should say more than what Humans have.   Male calves are abandoned or sold for slaughter just because they cant give milk, baby calves get deprived from their mothers milk; animals are artificially and abusively made pregnant, animals are kept in so dirty shelters one cannot even imagine, their horns are pulled out, they are sent for slaughters if they stop giving milk, painfully their milk are extracted by machines, skin of living animals are pulled out for making leather and what not. One cannot even imagine the pain that they go through all for just our Leisure.

Milk or tears? What we feed our children?
Milk or tears?

It’s a matter of supply and demand – when we reduce the demand for all products which cause cruelty to animals and hence we reduce the number of animals who have to suffer.


                                                     “If You can be anything, Be Kind”               

We can chose a vegetable instead of this as our food. She is my mother not your food.



3  Better Health 

U.S. News & World Report ranked the vegan diet No. 19 on its list of best diets overall. It also ranks in the top 10 for best weight-loss diets, best-heart-healthy diets, and best diabetes diets. Vegan diet gives you the best of nutrients, improved health, longer life, better immunity and delicious treats.

If you start looking for foods that make you look younger, you will easily realize that they are all vegan. No one will tell you “eat meat and processed goods to look younger”.  The truth is – eating clean will make you radiant from the inside, but will also make your skin healthy


                                      “No one needs to die in order for me to live “

All animals are same.


4  Lifestyle

Lifestyle means the way you live your life which makes you a better person.

For me living a life which gives pain to others is not a life worth living. I would do anything at-least starting with myself to make it better for those who deserve better.  I am ashamed to carry a leather purse now or order non vegetarian food and click pictures of it to tag #lifestyle.


                         ” My only regret about going vegan is not doing it sooner” 

Do not be responsible for imprisonment of one.


5 Peace & Love 

Yes its not just your skin but your nature and personality too will reflect what you eat. I have become much calm and balanced after i moved close to nature. I am a much happier and peaceful person at heart.  It is said “Nothing can buy happiness and peace”, i say its cheaper than buying a meat or a branded purse.


You will soon see people around you will more fond of you. Stand for a cause, keep inspiring, make a difference and share your story.


                                       ” My Body is a temple, not a tomb “

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