Hobbies and Passion

Being such a colorful person and like a girl next door,  I like what all girls like, so the list is BIG!! Really. 

* Fashion & shopping 

    I am really concerned on what i wear & how i look, not really though considerate on the brands, but i should fall in love at the first sight to buy it. 

* Travel 

 Having a gypsy spirit and a business that supports my dream life; i make sure to make as much out of it. I love to travel and see the universe, no wonder destiny brings me to so much of these opportunities. I live a wanderer, solo travel at times to explore too.

* Party 

Life is like a party and i celebrate every moment of it. From going to right places with awesome company along with a great mood and happy heart makes it perfect for me to celebrate life as much as possible. 

* Movies 

A movie buff, don’ t want to miss the latest flick and talking about it with friends 

* Food n drinks 

something i cant stay without but love exploring different cuisines and local delicacies across the globe 

* Knowledge 

grooming and training is really important. The only thing that keeps constant is a change so i make sure this is constant in my life too. Training of self, it may be of technology or spiritual or religious knowledge, i try to keep up the facts. I learn from all age groups of life, which keeps me going and up to date with all.

* Fitness

There is so much a girls needs to do, oh i wish i could have explained this. Taking care of family and everyone is only possible when we keep ourself healthy and happy. Fitness is a part of my everyday life, working out and work out should never be missed.

Adventure sports 

Oh this is my favorite part, i freak out but i love adventure sports. I jumped off the sky so many times to kill my fear of height. I played with the tail of tigers & lions too. Water sports have always been fun including surfing, under water diving or under sea walk. I love to swim anyways.