10 Top reasons why we should Learn and Teach until we Die!!

Who you are, what you do does not matter when it comes to learning. What ever we know and do is by virtue of how much we know. Change is the only thing that is constant in life and hence we need continual improvement in all knowledge spheres to cope up.


1 Your parents and elders will love you for spending time with them when you will teach them the same way you learnt from them.

2 You will become the hero for your kids or youngsters around you, as they could never out beat you in knowledge. Well, there will be the generation gap for sure that will be challenging, but besides that, leave no stone unturned to learn and become more skillful everyday.

3 When you teach someone, the receiver of knowledge starts respecting you and believing in you every time. Remember the coach or teachers of your favorite topics whom you always respected. Yes we are no longer in school, but we learn out of curiosity and teach only those who are seekers.

4 Wisdom grows with knowledge and experience. Self improvement should be always your priority as that is your biggest investment. Internal peace and  happiness comes with wisdom, ultimately living a happy life is what we all want right.

5 Pursue your passion and for that learn everything you have to. Life should be lived till we are living. Do everything that makes you happy and learning about your passion is the key.

6 Your presence is always valued. Everyone around you will want you to be there on all occasions and you will be remembered always for valuable teachings. You become an interesting person

7 Your knowledge is the biggest asset of yours that can not be stolen.

Shri Lala Ratan Lal Kapoor

“Knowledge is a weapon. I intend to be formidably armed.” ―Terry Goodkind

8 It keeps you always busy and away from boredom. There is always something to learn, you cannot know everything in the world so you have always the scope of improvement. You can learn so much from anywhere, from anyone ( no restrictions)

9 You can learn from any medium you like: You may like to read, listen, watch or by experience of yours or others. There are so many mediums to learn from but self coaching is the best coaching.

10 You adapt better to change and always remain humble. As they say, Life goes on and it never ends ~Eyes of stone observe the trends.  Always Love flowing like breeze rather than having a stone eye.


 “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” ―John Wooden

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