Ever played damsharats? Ever tried explaining what u want without any sign language and not speaking about it.  I wonder how difficult for humans is to still realize that the living forms who cannot speak also have feelings, but we humans generally  do not realize them just because they  cannot express themselves and cannot speak.

Mother nature has given us friends for life in form of animals, they never betray you and always love you unconditionally. They emotionally satisfy us and give us treasure of love and satisfaction that cannot be bought.

There are so many reasons i have of why i love animals. And i am sure if you are reading it till here, you would also feel the same.

Somehow dogs have played a very important role in my life. Thankfully i have a pet loving family, it was not difficult to make my parents understand when i use to be a kid that i need a dog in the family. We were about to adopt a street dog when i use to be a kid, but unfortunately she lost her life in the December rains in Delhi because she did not have any shelter and i was out on a winter vacation with my parents.


My first pet

Later my father got me my first pet “Labrador “and our life changed, followed by which there were several additions of them at my home.  Lately we again rescued a street pup who was about to loose her life and then she graced our family by filling it with so much love and affection. Now she is the reason i run back to home from work as i know she is waiting for me. Not just for me , my entire family feels the love and warmth in every moment she brings to us.

My first rescued baby

Soon i will write on reasons why adopting street dogs is better than foreign breed dogs.


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